Vibratory Finishing Compounds


Vibratory finishing compounds are used in rotofinish machines for deburring, rounding up, degreasing, polishing and corrosion protection operations. Compounds have mid alkline or acidic nature and can work at ambient temperatures with very low concentrations. They are suitable for the treatment of aluminium, zamac, brass, iron, steel and copper.


In case of painting involved, metal parts are degreased and deburred at the same time. Acidic chemical provides degreasing and abresive hard media provides deburring. There is no need of polishing for the metals to be painted. Light etching on metal parts aids good adherance for paintings. Generally deburring and polishing is made for zamac and brass. Deburred metal parts in rotofinishing machine can be brought to another machine for polishing. Polished parts have thin protective layer that provides corrosion resistance.





VIBB 103 - Deburring / Polishing Fluid

VIBB 103 is an effective deburring and polishing compound used in rotofinish machinery. Use concentration is between %2 - 3. Along with deburring and polishng, it has degreasing / cleaning ability thanks to including surfactants. Surface of the treated metals are covered with a layer which provides rusting resistance. It can be used separately for deburring and polishing. Suitable for the treatment of zamac, iron, steel, brass and copper.


VIBB 104 - Deburring / Degreasing Fluid

VIBB 104 is formulated for degreasing and deburring operations of zamac, iron, aluminium, steel, brass and copper. Including blend of surfactants provides excellent degreasing. Use concentration is between %2 - 5. Having acidic content, it makes etching that preparing a good surface for subsequent paintings. Thin layer on the treated parts provides a good corrosion protection.


VIBB 205 - Deburring / Polishing Fluid

VIBB 205 is an effective deburring and polishing product used in vibratory systems with a concentration in the range of %2 - 4. It is a mid alkaline product, does not cause rusting. Apart from having deburring and polishng, it includes surfactants that provides degreasing / cleaning ability. Treated parts become corrosion resistant by the aid of protective layer. It can be used separately in polishing and deburring machines. It is especially suitable product for aluminium and can be used for zamac, iron, steel, brass and copper.




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