Grinding / Cooling Fluids


Grinding compounds are mid alkaline chemical products used in cutting - grinding machines. In these type of machines high amount of heat release occurs while grind is keeping contact with metal. Grinding fluid provides cooling and corrosion protection abrasive shaping of metals such as iron, steel, copper and aluminium.


Diluted chemical mixture in the reservoir of the grinding machinne is spreyed on grind and metal to reduce temperature and to make sliding effect. Chemical componds form a thin protective layer on the surface which provides a good corrosion protection.


Chemical products are added to machine's reservoir with to get a concentration of %1 - 3. Active chemical concentration reduces in the course of time. Chemical concentration is determined by hand refractometer. There is no need to heat chemical solution in the reservoir.



CUTEX 107 - Cooling Fluid For Grinding Machines

CUTEX 107 is a mid alkaline synthetic cooling compound used in cylindrical grinding opretaions of iron, steel and die castings. Use concentration is between % 2 - 3. It does not cause bacterial smells like boron oils do. It works at room temperatures. Including amines provides corrosion protection to the treated metal and machine. Chemical concentration is controlled by refractometer and sufficient addition is made.


CUTEX 108 - Grinding / Cooling Fluid

CUTEX 107 is a transparent synthetic cooling product used in grinding machines for iron, steel and die castings. Use concentration is between %1 - 3 at ambient temperature. It provides sliding between metal and cutting grind, hence cooling is generated. Amine compounds prevents rust formation. Chemical concentration is determined by refractometer.






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