Alkaline Degreasers / Cleaners


Alkaline degreasing is made by spray, immersion or ultrasonic methods at elevated temperatures. Different type of metals like aluminium, copper, brass, iron, steel...etc. can be treat in these baths. Proper type of chemicals must be selected to not to darken surface of metals such as aluminium and brass.

Generally alkaline degreasers work at tamperatures in the range of
50-95C. Operating temperature is very important, at lower temperatures time duration of cleaning reduces.


Operating time in immersion alkaline degreasing baths is between 5 - 10 minutes with a chemical concentration of % 3 - 10. Depending on type of the metal and type of grease/oil, treating time can vary. Alkline degreasing is mostly employed in chromate coating, iron phosphate coating and zinc phosphate coating lines as a prior application. Bath concentration must be controlled periodically and total alkalinity must be holded in optimum range by additon of chemicals.


The advantage of spray alkaline degreasing is the effect of permanent pressure. Spraying pressure between 1,4 - 2,0 bar rises effect of cleaning. Temperature of the solution can be at a lower level 50-65C relatively. Treating time in spray systems is lower, too, around 3 minutes.


Mid alkaline degreasing chemicals commonly used is ultrasonic degreasing baths. Cleaning effect is high by the aid of ultrasonic vibrations. Chemical concentration is in the range of % 2 - 5 with a time duration of 3 - 7 minutes. Of course these values all depending on type of grease/oil on the metal surface.


Imortant parameters in alkaline degreasing baths are chemical concentration, treating time, temperature and total alkalinity. Additionally, hardness of the water effects degreasing. In case of insufficient cleaning even if all paramaters are optimal, degreasing additives can be used to improve degreasing effect.


CLEANOL S 35 - Alkaline Spray Degreaser

CLEANOL S 35 is an effective powder form degreaser product suitable for spray lines. It works at temperatures between 50 - 75C with spray pressure of 1,4 - 2,0 bar. It is suitable to use it in spray iron phosphate or spray zinc phosphate coating lines for the treatment of iron steel and zinc (galvanized) metals. 


CLEANOL 9151 - Alkaline Spray Degreaser

CLEANOL 9151 is a alkaline powder degreaser formulated for the treatment of iron, steel, copper, zinc, aluminium and brass without making any darkening on the surface. It is a very effective cleaner aslo providing thin protective film on the metal surface for temporary corrosion protection.


CLEANOL E 67 - Alkaline Immersion Degreaser

CLEANOL 9151 is a immersion type powder degreaser product including silicates, phosphates and surfactants for the cleaning operation of iron and steel. Especially it is suitable in enamelling industry for the cleaning of heavy oils. It can be also used in iron phosphating and zinc phosphating lines. 70 - 90 C degree of temperature and time duration of 5 - 10 minutes is enough for a proper degreasing.


CLEANOL E 64 - Alkaline Immersion Degreaser

CLEANOL E 64 is high effective powder form product formulated to be used in enamelling industry because of its heavy duty cleaning ability on ferrous metal surfaces. It can be also used prior to phosphate coatings. Chemical concentration between % 5 - 8, treating temperature between 70 - 90 C degree and time duration of 5 - 10 minutes is good for proper cleaning.


CLEANOL ALK 28 - Aluminium Alkaline Immersion Degreaser

CLEANOL ALK 28 is a powder degreaser formulated for the removal of grease / oil on aluminium surface. No darkening effect on the surface after degreasing. It is also suitable for cleaning copper, brass and their alloys. Cleaning is made under conditions of %3 - 5 chemical concentration, 60 - 70 C degree temperature and 5 - 8 minutes of treating time.


CLEANOL R 83 - Alkaline Immersion Degreaser

CLEANOL R 83 is an effective powder degreaser used for the removal of heavy oils on iron and steel especially suitable prior to immersion iron phosphate or zinc phosphate coatings. Including surfactants and strong alkaline nature provides excellent cleaning / degreasing. It can be aslo used for cleaning of cold drawing soaps that stuck on the steel after drawing of wire or metal tubes. Chemical concentration between % 4 - 6, temperature of 70 - 90 C degree and time duration of 5 - 8 minutes is enough for a proper degreasing.


CLEANOL ADD - Degreaser Additive

CLEANOL ADD is a additive product for alkaline degreasing baths used for cleaning of heavy greased / oiled metal parts. It is used around % 1 concentration, it is enough to improve cleaning effect with the aid of including surfactants and emulsifying agents. 


CLEANOL US 470 - Alkaline Ultrasonic Degreaser

CLEANOL US 470 is a powder form degreaser. It is sutable for ultrasonic cleaning of metals such as iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminium without making any blackening on the cleaned surface. Ultrasonic degreasing is made under following conditions; chemical concentration between % 3 - 5, temperature of 60 - 70 C degree and time duration of 5 - 8 minutes.


CLEANOL US 13 - Alkaline Ultrasonic Degreaser

CLEANOL US 13 is a powder heavy duty degreaser product formulated to degrease iron, steel, copper, brass and aluminium without darkening. It can be also used as immersion cleaning agent for aluminium. Temperature of the cleaning  solution must be in the range of 60 - 65 C with chemical concentration of % 3 - 5. 5 - 10 minutes treating time is enough to obtain a proper cleaning.


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